Who is Valeria Wasserman? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Valeria Wasserman is a Brazilian translator who has gained recognition for being the wife of renowned linguist, author, and philosopher Noam Chomsky. Born in 1963 or 1964, little is known about her early life and family.

After enrolling in law school at Universidade Federal Fluminense in 1984, Wasserman began her journey toward becoming a successful translator. She has carved a name for herself in the translation world with her talent and dedication.

Valeria Wasserman’s Biography/Wiki

Attribute Details
Born 1963
Famous Brazilian Women
Name Valeria Wasserman Chomsky
Famous As Translator, Noam Chomsky’s Wife
Spouse/Ex- Noam Chomsky (m. 2014)
Children Aviva, Diane, Harry


Who is Valeria Wasserman?

Valeria Wasserman is a Brazilian translator best know as wife  of  Noam Chomsky. Valeria Wasserman stepped into the world of academia in 1984. She chose Universidade Federal Fluminense, a prestigious institution in Brazil, for her law studies.

Her determination and passion mark her academic journey for learning. It laid the foundation for her career in translation.

Who is Valeria Wasserman? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Valeria Wasserman’s Education

Wasserman developed a profound understanding of language and its nuances through her education. This knowledge became instrumental in her later achievements. Her time in law school equipped her with legal expertise and honed her linguistic skills. Indeed, her education was a crucial step towards her future success.

Valeria Wasserman’s Family

Despite the prominence of her husband, Noam Chomsky’s details about Valeria Wasserman’s family remain primarily private. However, it’s known that she hails from Brazil. Her journey from a law student to a respected translator hints at a supportive background.

Yet, specifics about her parents, siblings, or children are sparse. This privacy maintains a focus on her professional achievements. Moreover, her marriage to Chomsky connects her to an intellectual legacy. But, outside of this, Valeria’s family life stays under wraps, reflecting her preference for separating personal and public spheres.

Who is Valeria Wasserman? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Valeria Wasserman’s Husband/ Boyfriend

Valeria Wasserman is married to Noam Chomsky. They share a profound intellectual bond. Noam, a towering figure in linguistics and philosophy, met Valeria later—their relationship blossoms from shared values and deep conversations.

Noam Chomsky’s influence is global, yet their union is personal and private. Together, they navigate the complexities of life. Their partnership reflects a meeting of minds. It highlights mutual respect and understanding.

This marriage brings together different cultures and intellectual realms. Their story adds a unique chapter to Noam’s public life. It’s a testament to love beyond boundaries.

Valeria Wasserman’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearance

Attribute Details
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Marital status Married
Relationship Status In a relationship
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
Weight 70 Kilograms



Valeria Wasserman’s ethnic background is Brazilian. This heritage is integral to her identity. Growing up in Brazil, she was immersed in its rich cultural tapestry. This experience undoubtedly influenced her worldview. Furthermore, her Brazilian roots are reflected in her professional work as a translator.

They have given her a unique perspective. Brazil’s diverse linguistic landscape has honed her skills. Her ability to navigate between cultures is remarkable. Valeria’s ethnicity enriches her life and work, adding depth to her translations. It bridges languages and unites differing narratives. Her Brazilian background is a cornerstone of her identity.


Valeria enjoys reading works in multiple languages. She has a passion for Brazilian literature. This interest likely influences her translation choices. Interestingly, she met Noam at a public event. They connected over intellectual discussions. Valeria is also an avid traveller, exploring cultures through language.

She maintains a low-profile lifestyle despite her husband’s fame. Her favourite pastime includes attending classical music concerts. Additionally, Valeria is keen on environmental conservation efforts. Her hobbies and interests paint a picture of a well-rounded individual. Each facet of her life adds to her unique persona.

Before Fame

Valeria’s early years were steeped in Brazil’s vibrant culture. She developed an early interest in languages and literature. This passion drove her to pursue a law degree, but her heart was always in translation. Her university days were not just about studies but a journey of self-discovery.

Valeria engaged deeply with the complexities of language. Even before stepping into the spotlight, she was honing her craft. Her path was clear, leading her towards a future in translation. Each step was a building block for her career. Thus began the journey of a translator who would make her mark on the world.

Who is Valeria Wasserman? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Valeria Wasserman’s Career

Valeria Wasserman chose a path less travelled. After her law studies, she ventured into translation. Her focus primarily lies in translating complex texts. These include philosophical works and political treatises. Her skill in bridging languages is renowned.

Valeria’s portfolio showcases a variety of languages. She seamlessly renders them into her native Portuguese. Through her work, she connects diverse intellectual traditions. Notably, her translations facilitate cross-cultural dialogue.

This makes her a key figure in the literary and academic worlds. Her dedication to her craft is evident. It has earned her respect among peers.

Valeria Wasserman Net Worth

Valeria Wasserman’s financial details are mainly private. Yet, considering her career as a translator, her earnings would reflect the profession’s standards. With translators in the US making approximately $25.99 per hour, her income likely aligns with such figures.

However, her net worth also intertwines with Noam Chomsky’s, estimated at around $1.5 million. Together, they form an intellectual power couple. Their combined wealth, while not publicly disclosed, suggests a comfortable lifestyle.

This supports their endeavours in academia, translation, and beyond. Importantly, Valeria’s value cannot be measured in dollars alone; her contributions are vast and varied.

Who is Valeria Wasserman? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Valeria Wasserman’s Hobbies

Exploring Languages Beyond Work: 

Valeria loves delving into new languages. Her curiosity doesn’t stop at her translation work. It extends into her leisure time, too. She finds joy in unravelling the complexities of each new dialect she encounters.

Literary Journeys at Home: 

Immersing herself in books, Valeria travels the world through literature. Each page turns into an adventure. It’s not just a pastime but a way to connect with global cultures.

Culinary Experiments with Brazilian Flavors:

In her kitchen, Valeria experiments with traditional Brazilian recipes. Cooking becomes an expression of creativity. It ties her back to her roots, bringing a taste of home to her table.

The Serenity of Classical Music:

Attending concerts offers a peaceful escape. Classical music holds a special place in her heart. The melodies provide a background score to her life’s most contemplative moments.

Nature and Nurture:

Valeria dedicates time to gardening and nurturing plants with care. This hobby reflects her commitment to environmental conservation. It’s a quiet yet impactful way to contribute to the planet’s health.

Valeria Wasserman’s Favorite Things

World Literature: 

Valeria’s bookshelf overflows with global classics. She finds joy in the rich narratives of authors from different countries. This love for worldwide stories enhances her translation work, offering her a broader perspective.

Brazilian Cuisine: 

The flavours of Brazil hold a special place in her heart. Valeria delights in traditional dishes, from feijoada to pão de queijo. These tastes remind her of home and inspire her culinary explorations.

Classical Music: 

As previously mentioned, Valeria is fond of classical concerts. The harmony and complexity of orchestral music resonate with her. It’s a source of relaxation and inspiration.

Environmental Advocacy:

Dedicated to protecting the planet, Valeria actively supports conservation initiatives. Her commitment to sustainability is evident in her lifestyle choices and advocacy efforts.

Language Learning:

Constantly expanding her linguistic capabilities, Valeria thrives on mastering new languages. This passion not only aids her translation work but also satisfies her intellectual curiosity.

Fun Facts about Valeria Wasserman

Languages Lover: 

Valeria thrives on learning new languages.

Literature Aficionado:

She holds a deep appreciation for Brazilian literature.

First Meeting with Noam:

Their initial encounter was at a public event.

Cultural Explorer:

Valeria enjoys immersing herself in different cultures.

Music Enthusiast:

Classical music concerts are among her favourite outings.

Environmentally Conscious:

She is passionate about conservation efforts.

Private Yet Profound:

Despite her low-profile lifestyle, Valeria makes significant intellectual contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Valeria Chomsky?

Valeria Chomsky, born Valeria Wasserman, is a Brazilian translator known for marrying American linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky.

Who introduced the mentalist theory of language learning?

Noam Chomsky introduced the mentalist theory of language learning. He challenged the behaviourist view, proposing instead that humans possess an innate ability to learn the language, fundamentally altering the study of linguistics and cognitive science.

 Who invented Chomsky’s standard form?

Noam Chomsky invented Chomsky’s standard form, a computer science and linguistics concept.

What is Chomsky’s theory called?

Chomsky’s theory is called the Theory of Universal Grammar. It suggests that the ability to acquire language is innate to humans, and the fundamental structures of all languages are fundamentally similar.

Why is Chomsky famous?

Noam Chomsky is famous for his groundbreaking work in linguistics, particularly for introducing the theory of Universal Grammar.

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In sum, Valeria Wasserman’s journey is truly inspiring. From her Brazilian roots, she emerged as a notable translator. Her marriage to Noam Chomsky adds depth to her intriguing story. Despite her low profile, her impact is significant. Her work bridges linguistic gaps, fostering global understanding.

Valeria’s contributions extend beyond translation. They enrich cultural exchanges worldwide. Her life exemplifies dedication, privacy, and intellectual prowess. As such, Valeria remains a figure of fascination and respect. Her story encourages aspiring translators everywhere. Indeed, she is a testament to the power of language and love.

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