Taj Cross Age, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth 2024

Taj Cross, the talented young actor who has captured hearts with his authentic performance in Hulu’s “PEN15”, is making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Born on February 11, 2004, in Venice, California, Taj had already established himself as a rising star at the age of 18.

With a supportive family and a passion for the arts, Taj’s journey to success is one to watch. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Taj Cross’s age, bio, career, family, and net worth in 2024.

Taj Cross Bio/Wiki

Full Name Taj Cross
Date of Birth 11th February 2004
Age 18 years in 2022
Birth Sign Aquarius
Place of Birth Venice, California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed British/Irish
Religion Christianity
Height 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 m)
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Light brown
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Not known
Relationship Status Single
Parents Jake Cross and Christena Karras
Siblings Sister Camille Cross
Education Ruskin Group Theatre (acting)
Profession Actor, painter
Years Active 2019 to present
Known For Starring as Sam on Hulu’s comedy series PEN15
Social Media Profiles Instagram @tajcross

Who Is Taj Cross?

Taj Cross Age, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth 2024

Taj Cross is a vibrant, budding actor from Venice, California. Born into a creative family, he inherited a deep love for the arts. His role as Sam in “PEN15” brought him into the limelight. At a young age, Taj showed immense talent. With each performance, he dives deep, bringing characters to life. His dedication is evident, earning him admiration and respect.

Besides acting, Taj enjoys sports and spending time with pets. Despite his rising fame, he remains grounded. His journey in the entertainment world is just beginning. Yet, Taj Cross is already making waves, promising an exciting future ahead.

Taj Cross’s Early Life and Family

Growing up in Venice, California, Taj was cradled in creativity. His mother, Christena Karras, infused their home with art and design. She worked as an interior designer and occasionally graced the stage. His father, Jake Cross, also nurtured his creative spirit. Even after his parents’ separation, Taj’s love for the arts never waned.

It only grew stronger, becoming his refuge. From a young age, Taj was surrounded by encouragement. This environment allowed his talents to flourish early on. Indeed, his family’s support has been pivotal in shaping his journey. Each step forward was taken with confidence, knowing his family was right behind him.

Taj Cross Age, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth 2024

Taj Cross’s Amazing Career

Taj stepped into the spotlight with “PEN15”. His role as Sam earned widespread acclaim. Critics and fans alike praised his depth and authenticity. Each performance showcases his growing skill. He has a knack for connecting with audiences. Beyond “PEN15”, Taj explores diverse roles. His dedication to craft is evident. He immerses himself in every character.

This commitment has opened doors to new opportunities. Taj’s career is on a promising trajectory. He’s becoming a sought-after talent in Hollywood. Indeed, Taj Cross is shaping up to be an influential figure in acting. His journey forward is eagerly anticipated by many.

Taj Cross Wife/Girlfriend and Relationship

As of 2024, Taj Cross appears to be single. He prefers keeping his relationship status under wraps. This young actor focuses on his blossoming career. Hence, his personal life takes a backseat in public discussions. Nonetheless, fans are curious about his love life. Taj, however, remains discreet on social media. He shares little about potential relationships.

His privacy is paramount, even amidst growing fame. Thus, details about his dating life are scarce. Taj’s choice to stay private resonates with many. It highlights his dedication to his craft over personal revelations. His relationship status, whether single or taken, remains his personal affair. Fans respect his choice, focusing on his career achievements.

Taj Cross’s Net Worth

Taj Cross has made remarkable strides in acting. His net worth, as of 2022, falls between $100,000 and $500,000. This impressive range reflects his hard work. It also showcases his commitment to his craft. Much of this wealth comes from his role in “PEN15”.

Additionally, other projects contribute to his earnings. Cross’s dedication to acting is evident. It has certainly paid off, financially and professionally. As he continues to take on new roles, his net worth is expected to grow. Indeed, the future looks bright for this young talent. His financial success is just starting to unfold. Keep an eye on him.

Future Plan and Goals

Taj Cross Age, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth 2024

Taj Cross is determined to expand his horizons. He plans to delve into more diverse roles. Moreover, he’s keen on mastering his craft further. Additionally, Taj aims to work with renowned directors. He also aspires to contribute to indie films. Furthermore, Cross is passionate about using his platform for social causes.

Equally, he dreams of producing content someday. Notably, Taj’s journey in entertainment is evolving rapidly. Indeed, his aspirations reflect a bright future. Overall, Cross is on a path to significant achievements. His goals are ambitious yet attainable. Truly, the road ahead is promising for Taj Cross.

Taj Cross on Social Media

Taj Cross is active on Instagram, engaging fans. He often posts behind-the-scenes shots, adding a personal touch. His followers exceed 92k, highlighting his popularity. Cross’s posts range from casual snapshots to professional endeavors. He occasionally shares insights into his hobbies and interests.

Through his account, fans get a glimpse of his life off-screen. Taj’s social media presence bridges the gap between him and his audience. It serves as a platform for connection, showcasing his multifaceted personality. Fans appreciate these candid moments, feeling closer to the actor. In essence, Taj’s Instagram is a vibrant mix of his professional and personal worlds.

Fun Facts about Taj Cross

  • Taj loves surfing on California’s beaches.
  • He’s a huge fan of comic books, especially Marvel.
  • His first acting gig was in a school play.
  • Cross is an excellent cook, thanks to his mom.
  • He plays the guitar in his free time.
  • Animals are close to his heart; he volunteers at shelters.
  • Skateboarding is another hobby he excels in.
  • -Cross enjoys learning new languages and knows some Spanish.
  • His favorite movie genre is sci-fi.
  • Taj has a quirky talent for impersonations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What show made the Taj Cross famous?

Taj gained recognition for his role as Sam in the Hulu series “PEN15,” where his performance received critical acclaim and showcased his acting talents.

How old is Taj Cross?

As of 2024, Taj Cross will be 20 years old, having been born on February 11, 2004.

Is Taj Cross in a relationship?

As of the latest update in 2024, Taj Cross prefers to keep his personal life private, and there is no public information about his dating life, suggesting he is likely single and focusing on his career.

What is Taj Cross’s net worth?

Taj Cross’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $500,000 as of 2022, a testament to his success in the acting industry.

Does the Taj Cross have any hobbies?

Yes, aside from acting, Taj enjoys a variety of activities including sports, cooking, playing the guitar, surfing, skateboarding, and volunteering at animal shelters.


In sum, Taj Cross stands as a beacon of talent. His acting prowess shines brightly, capturing the hearts of many. From his early days in Venice to his current stardom, Taj’s journey is awe-inspiring. His passion for the arts, coupled with a strong family backing, propels him forward. Despite his young age, Taj navigates fame with grace, keeping his private life discreet.

As he ventures into diverse roles, his future in Hollywood looks promising. Fans eagerly await his next move, cheering him on every step of the way. Indeed, the Taj Cross is a name to remember. His story is far from over; it’s just beginning to unfold.

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