Skylar Vox Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More 


Skylar Vox is an American Actress and Model who has taken the AV industry by storm. Born on January 9, 2000, in Miami, Florida, Skylar has captured the hearts of many with her stunning looks and captivating performances. 

Skylar continues to make a name for herself through her talents and hard work. In This Article, we examine Skylar Vox’s Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend, and more.

Quick Info

Name Skylar Vox
Age 24 years
DOB January 9, 2000,
Net Worth USD 250K.
Profession Actress and Model.
Nationality American
Boyfriend  Update Soon

Who is Skylar Vox?

Skylar Vox is a famous American Actress and Model. She was Born on January 9, 2000, in Miami, Florida; her background contributes to her vibrant and outgoing personality, which endeared her to fans across the globe.

Skylar’s career choice has allowed her to explore various facets of her identity and creativity, making her a significant and influential figure among peers and audiences.

Her work ethic and commitment to her roles have garnered acclaim within the industry and sparked conversations about sexuality, agency, and the dynamics of the AV industry in contemporary society.

Skylar Vox Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More 

Skylar Vox Career

Skylar Vox’s journey to stardom began in 2019, when, at just 19 years old, she made her debut in the AV industry. Her immediate impact was felt through her dynamic performances and natural charisma, quickly establishing her as a rising star.

Skylar’s ability to connect with her audience and portray a range of characters with authenticity propelled her into the spotlight.

Her popularity soared as she continued to take on challenging roles and projects, leading to a rapidly growing fanbase and significant recognition within the industry. This meteoric rise has set the stage for a promising and illustrious career.

Skylar Vox Age

As of 2024, Skylar Vox celebrates her 24th birthday, born on January 9, 2000. Her youth has been a significant factor in her rapid ascent in the AV industry, where she has made considerable strides quickly.

Skylar’s age reflects her freshness and relevance in the industry and her potential for future growth and evolution as an actress and model.

Skylar Vox’s Net Worth 

Skylar Vox has significantly impacted the AV industry, with her net worth estimated at approximately USD 250K. This impressive figure is a testament to her success and popularity and reflects the lucrative nature of her career path.

Her earnings result from her dedication, talent, and the diverse roles she has embraced, which have increased her market value and influence within the industry.

Skylar Vox Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More 

Height & Physical Appearances

Skylar Vox stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, a detail that complements her striking presence both on and off the camera. Weighing approximately 125 pounds, she maintains a fit and alluring physique, accentuated by her brown eyes and blond hair.

Her figure measurements, 36DD-24-34, alongside her choice of dress and shoe sizes, 38 (EU) and eight, respectively, round off a physical appearance as captivating as her performances, showcasing her unique blend of natural beauty and personal style.

Skylar Vox Education

Details regarding Skylar Vox’s educational background remain relatively private, reflecting her choice to keep certain aspects of her personal life away from the public eye. Despite the focus on her professional career, it is understood that Skylar values education and personal development. Whether through formal schooling or self-directed learning, she emphasizes the importance of knowledge and skills in her career and personal growth. This perspective shows her multifaceted nature, balancing her work in the AV industry with a commitment to learning and self-improvement.

Skylar Vox Boyfriend

Skylar Vox has kept her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships, under wraps. The focus on her career and her choice to maintain privacy around her love life has left fans speculating without confirmed details. Skylar’s approach to privacy in this area of her life reflects her desire to keep the attention on her professional achievements and her work in the AV industry rather than on personal matters.

Before Fame

Before embarking on her notable journey in the AV industry, Skylar Vox led a life characteristic of many young Americans growing up in Miami, Florida. Her hometown’s vibrant and culturally rich environment significantly shaped her outgoing and adventurous spirit.

Before her debut in 2019, Skylar’s interests and ambitions were as diverse as her current portfolio of work. She showed an early inclination towards performance and the arts, participating in various local events and exploring different avenues of self-expression.

Her fascination with modeling and acting was evident from a young age, hinting at her future career path. Skylar’s transition from ordinary life to fame did not happen overnight; it was built on passion, creativity, and a desire to make her mark in the world. Her journey before fame is a testament to her resilience and determination, qualities that would later define her career and public persona.

Skylar Vox Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Education, Boyfriend & More 


Social Media Presence

Skylar Vox has cultivated a significant following on her social media platforms, where she shares snapshots of her life, behind-the-scenes looks at her projects, and personal interests. Her active engagement on these platforms allows fans to glimpse her world, bridging the gap between her professional and personal spheres.

By regularly updating her profile with fresh content, Skylar connects with her audience, offering them an insider’s view of her entertainment industry experiences and day-to-day activities. This online presence enhances her visibility and strengthens her bond with her fanbase.


Like many public figures, Skylar Vox has faced scrutiny and controversies that come with the territory of the AV industry. She navigates these challenges professionally, focusing on her craft and engaging with her audience positively.

While specific controversies are not detailed here, it’s clear that navigating public opinion and industry dynamics is part of her journey to maintaining her reputation and standing as a prominent figure in her field.


Skylar Vox’s interests outside her professional sphere reflect her vibrant personality and zest for life. She is an avid traveler, always eager to explore new destinations and cultures. Shopping is another favorite pastime, allowing her to express her unique style and stay ahead of fashion trends.

As a self-proclaimed selfie lover, Skylar enjoys capturing moments from her daily life and adventures, sharing glimpses of her world with fans.

Additionally, her affection for dogs showcases her compassionate side, often finding joy and relaxation in the company of her furry friends. Internet surfing also occupies her leisure time, keeping her connected and informed.


This section addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about Skylar Vox. Many fans are curious about her journey and personal preferences.

How did Skylar Vox start her career?

Skylar Vox entered the AV industry in 2019 at 19, quickly making a name for herself with her natural charisma and dynamic performances. 

How tall Skylar Vox?

Skylar Vox is  5 feet 3 inches.

Does Skylar Vox have any pets?

While specific details about her pets are not publicly known, Skylar has expressed her love for dogs, indicating she is likely a dog owner or enthusiast.

What is Skylar Vox’s favorite role or project so far?

Specific favorites regarding roles or projects have not been disclosed, reflecting Skylar’s privacy about her professional preferences.

How can fans follow Skylar Vox or get updates about her work?

Fans looking to stay updated on Skylar Vox’s work can follow her on her social media platforms, where she occasionally shares insights into her projects and personal life. These questions highlight the interest and curiosity surrounding Skylar Vox, underscoring her impact on fans and the AV industry.

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Skylar Vox is a dynamic figure in the entertainment world, best known for her work in the AV industry since 2019. At 24 years old, she boasts an estimated net worth of USD 250K, underscoring her success in a competitive field. With a height of 5 feet 3 inches and distinctive physical features, she brings a unique presence to her work.

While details about her education and personal life remain private, her commitment to her career is evident. Skylar’s journey reflects her professional achievements and dedication to balancing her public persona and private life.

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