Norissa Valdez: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth Revealed

Norissa Valdez is a famous TikTok star from the United States. She is known for her beautiful appearance, charming smile, modeling poses, style, and amazing personality. Her captivating content has gained a huge following on social media platforms.

Norissa is loved by many for her genuine and down-to-earth nature. Her fans are always eager to know more about her age, height, weight, and net worth.

In this blog post, we will reveal all these details about Norissa Valdez and give you a glimpse into her life. So, let’s dive in and learn more about this talented and popular influencer.

Quick Bio

Name Norissa Valdez
DOB December 10, 2003
Age 21 years
Net Worth $200,000
Profession content creator, influencer
Boyfriend Update soon
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 50 kg


Who is Norissa Valdez?

Norissa Valdez is a well-known person who makes fun and interesting videos. She shares these videos on TikTok, which is very popular for short videos. Norissa was born on December 10, 2003, which makes her a young and talented person many people enjoy watching. She lives in the United States. What makes Norissa special is not just her talent in making videos but also how she connects with people who watch her.

She shows her life, shares tips, and sometimes does funny things that make people smile. As a content creator and influencer, she uses her skills to influence the internet positively. People like her because she’s real and friendly and knows how to make content that people from all over can enjoy and relate to.

Norissa Valdez: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth Revealed

Norissa Valdez Career

Norissa Valdez started her career at a young age. She made her first video on TikTok in 2019. After posting her video, lots of people started watching her. Norissa is good at making videos where she moves her lips to the words of songs and dances.

These videos are fun and make people happy. Because of her talent, more and more people began to follow her. Norissa didn’t stop there. She kept making videos that many people liked. This is how she became known on TikTok. Her videos are not just about songs and dances.

Norissa Valdez Age

Norissa Valdez was born on a cold day in winter, December 10, 2003. Looking at the calendar and seeing what year it is now, 2024, we can quickly determine that Norissa is 21. She has been on this earth for 21 years, seeing and learning new things daily. Being 21 is a special age for many people. It’s a time when you’re not a teenager anymore but still starting to find your way in the big, wide world.

Norissa has used these years to share her creativity and bring smiles to faces all over the planet through her videos. At 21, she’s already done so much and touched so many lives. It’s exciting to think about what she will do next.

Physical Attributes: Height and Weight

Norissa Valdez stands at 5 feet 4 inches, about as tall as 1.63 meters. Imagine stacking about ten and a half average-sized books on each other—that’s how tall she is! She weighs around 50 kilograms, which is the same as 110 pounds. If you think of a big bag of dog food, that’s roughly how much she weighs.

Norissa has measurements that many people think are perfect, with a chest size of 32 inches, a waist size of 26 inches, and hips measuring 34 inches. These numbers are just one way to describe her body’s size and shape. Everyone’s body is different, and Norissa’s height, weight, and measurements make her unique.

Norissa Valdez: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth Revealed

Norissa Valdez Education

Norissa Valdez went to school in a place called Los Alamos High School. This school is where she learned a lot of things when she was a teenager. It’s like the school you might attend, where there are teachers, books, and many other students. Norissa might have studied math, science, English, and other subjects like you in school.

Going to high school is an important part of growing up. It’s where you learn from books and about making friends and working with others. For Norissa, her time at Los Alamos High School was a step in her journey before she became famous on TikTok. It’s interesting to think about how she was once a student, sitting in class, and now many people watch her videos online.

Norissa Valdez’s Net Worth

Norissa Valdez has done well for herself, especially considering how young she is. She’s made about $200,000! That’s a lot of money. Imagine what you could buy with that much cash. This money comes from all the fun videos she makes and shares with people worldwide. When someone has a net worth like Norissa’s, it shows they’ve worked hard, and many people enjoy what they do.

It also means Norissa can keep making videos and try new things. This amount of money is like a big thumbs-up from the world, saying, “Great job, keep going!” It’s not just about being able to buy nice things; it’s also about having the freedom to keep creating and sharing.

Norissa Valdez: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth Revealed

Award And Achivement

Norissa Valdez has won some cool awards because she’s good at making videos. People have noticed her talent and given her trophies and certificates to say, “Great job!” One of the awards she’s most proud of is for being a top video creator on TikTok. This means out of so many people who make videos, she’s one of the best. It’s like getting a gold star in class for doing well.

She also got awards for making people smile and happy with her videos. Imagine making something many people like and giving you a special prize! That’s what happened to Norissa. She works hard, but these awards help her see that hard work pays off. It’s not just about winning; it’s about knowing you did something well and made a difference.

Before Fame

Before Norissa Valdez became famous on TikTok, she was like any other kid. She went to school, hung out with her friends, and had hobbies she enjoyed. One of her favorite things to do was dance. Even when she was younger, Norissa loved moving to music and trying out new dance moves.

She also liked making videos. Sometimes, she would film herself dancing or doing funny things, but she didn’t share them with many people back then. Norissa was creative and loved to think of fun ideas, but she was still determined to show them to the world. Her life was normal, with schoolwork, family time, and fun with friends.

But inside her, there was a spark waiting to shine. Little did she know that her passion for dancing and making videos would soon lead her to become a big star on the internet, touching many people’s lives with her talents.

Norissa Valdez: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth Revealed

Social Media Presence

Norissa Valdez is someone lots of people like to watch on the internet. She became famous by making short videos where she dances or lip-syncs to music. People like watching her because she’s good at entertaining and being funny.

Norissa started sharing her videos in 2019, and since then, many people have started following her to see what she’ll do next. Besides making videos, she’s known for being kind and connecting with her fans. People feel like they can be friends with her because she’s real and shows parts of her life online.

Norissa’s videos aren’t just about dancing or music. Sometimes, she talks about things happening in her day or shares advice. This mix of fun and real-life stuff is why so many people enjoy her content. Even though she’s young, Norissa has found a way to share her creativity and make others happy.


Like many people who are famous on the internet, Norissa Valdez has had her share of controversies. Sometimes, people do not agree with what she posts or how she says things. This can make others upset or start arguments. It’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, including Norissa.

She tries to learn from these situations and be better in the future. Also, being in the public eye means that many people always watch what you do. This can be hard because it’s tough to please everyone.

Norissa tries to stay true to herself and make her fans happy, but sometimes misunderstandings happen. These controversies are part of being known on the internet, but they don’t define who Norissa is. She works to move past them and keeps creating content that brings joy to her followers.

Future Project and Plan

Norissa Valdez is always thinking about what to do next. She has plans to make more fun videos for everyone who likes watching her. Norissa wants to try new things in her videos that no one has seen before. She might dance in new styles or tell stories in her videos. She’s also thinking about working with other people who make videos online.

This can help her learn new things and make her videos even better. Norissa is excited about meeting more fans and making them smile with her creative ideas. She doesn’t just want to stay on TikTok; she plans to show her talents elsewhere, too. She may start a YouTube channel or act in shows.

Norissa believes it’s important to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. She hopes her fans will enjoy seeing her try new things and follow her on this exciting journey.


Dancing: Norissa loves to dance. She often dances in her videos, showing off her cool moves. –

Making Videos: Creating videos for TikTok is not just her job; it’s also a hobby. She enjoys thinking of new ideas and filming them. 

Listening to Music: Music is a big part of her life. She listens to different kinds of music to relax and get ideas for her videos. 

Spending Time with Friends: Norissa likes hanging out with her friends. They do fun things together, like going to the movies or chatting. 

Traveling: She enjoys exploring new places. Norissa loves to travel and see different parts of the world whenever she gets the chance. 

Reading: Even though she’s busy, Norissa finds time to read. Reading books allows her to learn new things and take a break from the online world.


How old is Norissa Valdez?

Norissa is 21 years old. She was born on December 10, 2003.

How tall is Norissa?

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, or, if you like, about 1.63 meters.

What does Norissa Valdez do?

Norissa makes fun videos on TikTok. She dances, lip-syncs to songs, and shares parts of her day.

Where does Norissa live?

She lives in the United States

Did Norissa go to school?

Yes, she went to Los Alamos High School.

How much money has Norissa made?

Norissa has a net worth of about $200,000.

Is Norissa only on TikTok?

No, she’s famous on TikTok but also connects with her fans on other social media platforms. She likes to share different parts of her life and advise her followers.

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Norissa Valdez is a shining star on the internet. She makes people happy with her videos and has lots of fans. At 21 years old, she has done a lot and will do even more in the future. Norissa shows us that being creative and sharing it with the world can bring joy and success. She has made money and friends by doing what she loves.

Her story tells us that if we work hard and are kind to others, we can achieve our dreams, too. Norissa’s journey is about being famous and making a positive impact. Let’s keep watching to see the amazing things she will do next. Remember, like Norissa, you can make a big difference by being yourself and sharing your talents with the world.

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