Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More

Nina Hartley is a well-known person in the United States. She is an activist, film director, and film actress. With her hard work and dedication, Nina has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She also advocates for social causes and uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues. Nina has achieved great success in her career with her talent and passion. She is loved by many for her contributions to the film industry and her activism work.

In this article, we look closely at Nina Hartley’s Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education, & More.

Quick Bio

Name Nina Hartley
Age 65 years
DOB March 11, 1959
Net Worth $4 million
Profession Actress and Director
Nationality United States
Husband David Arthur Carr. & Ernest Greene

Who is Nina Hartley?

Nina Hartley is a famous Actress and Director from the United States. She was born on March 11, 1959, in Berkeley, California. Nina is not just one thing; she is many things! She is known for being a good activist, which means she fights for her beliefs. She also directs movies, acts in films, and is a nurse. Imagine being able to do all those different jobs! Nina is special because she uses her voice and skills in many areas, especially entertainment.

People know her for being in movies, but she also helps others and talks about important things to improve the world. Nina started from where she was born and worked super hard to become the star she is today. She has done a lot in her life, and there’s still more she’s doing!

Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More

Early Life

Nina Hartley was born on a sunny day in March in the lively city of Berkeley, California. Growing up, Nina lived with her family, which included her parents and siblings. From a young age, Nina showed great interest in helping others and being creative. She loved to learn new things and was very good at talking to people and making friends.

The school was where Nina enjoyed studying and was curious about many subjects. Even as a young girl, Nina liked to stand up for what she thought was right and wanted to make a difference in the world. Her family was very supportive and encouraged her to follow her dreams. They taught her to be strong and work hard for what she wanted.

This helped Nina grow into the confident and talented person she is today. Her early years were filled with laughter, learning, and the beginning steps toward her future career. Nina’s journey started in Berkeley, but she had big dreams far beyond her hometown. These dreams would one day lead her to become a well-known figure in the entertainment industry and a passionate activist for social causes.

Nina Hartley Age

As of 2024, Nina Hartley is 65 years old. Her journey through life began on March 11, 1959, in the vibrant and culturally rich city of Berkeley, California. Throughout the decades, Nina has experienced many changes, personally and within the broader cultural landscape of the United States.

Her age speaks to a seasoned career filled with diverse roles and accomplishments, from activism to her groundbreaking work in the entertainment industry. Nina’s life, marked by this significant milestone, reflects not just the passage of time but the wealth of experiences and wisdom she has gathered.

At 65, Nina continues to inspire and engage with audiences and communities, demonstrating that age is but a number in the pursuit of passion and purpose.

Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More

Nina Hartley Career

Nina Hartley has done a lot of cool things in her work life. She started making movies and even directed her film, “Nina Hartley’s Book of Love.” This means she was the boss of the movie and decided how everything should look and happen. Besides being a director, she also acted and produced movies, which is like ensuring the movie gets made. People like the movies she’s in, and she’s known as one of the best actresses.

Lots of news places say she’s super good at what she does. Nina has been in the movie world for a long time and has done many different things, showing her talent. She uses her skills to make movies that many people enjoy watching.

Nina Hartley Educational Endeavors

Nina Hartley was good at school. After she finished high school in 1977, she went to a big school called San Francisco State University. This wasn’t just any school; it was where she learned to be a nurse. Nina worked very hard on her studies. She didn’t just pass her classes; she did well and was at the top.

She finished nursing school with big honors, which means she was among the best students. They call it graduating “magna cum laude.” This is a fancy way to say she did an amazing job in school. Learning to be a nurse taught Nina much about helping people and caring for them. This shows how smart and caring Nina is, not just in movies but also in real life.

Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More

Nina Hartley Husband and Relationships

Nina Hartley has been married two times. Her first husband was a man named David Arthur Carr. After some time, they decided not to be married anymore. Then, Nina married another man named Ernest Greene. She cares a lot about Ernest, and they have been together for a long time.

Being married to Ernest, Nina shares her life with him, and they support each other. In her journey through life, having someone like Ernest by her side is special for Nina. They both work in making movies and like to help people understand important things about love and caring for others.

Nina’s relationships show us that finding the right person to share your life with is important. She and Ernest are not just husband and wife but also best friends.

Nina Hartley’s Net Worth

Nina Hartley has made money from her hard work in movies and other jobs. She has been very good at what she does, which has helped her earn money. People like watching the films she’s in and the ones she directs. Because she’s so talented and has done so many things, Nina has been able to save up a big amount of money.

Right now, Nina Hartley’s total money, called net worth, is $4 million. If you add up all the money she has made and saved, it would be four million dollars.

That’s a lot of money! Nina got this money by being good at her job and working for many years. She shows us that you can save a lot of money if you do what you love and work hard.

Nina Hartley Height Weight

Nina Hartley is not very tall but is not super short, either. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, about 163 centimeters. That’s about the size of a grown-up woman. Nina weighs 141 pounds, which is the same as 64 kilograms. This is a healthy weight for someone her height.

She has blonde hair, which means her hair is light yellow. Nina’s eyes are blue, like the sky on a clear day. People often notice her blue eyes because they stand out. Her height and weight are just right for all the different things she does, like acting in movies and helping out for important causes.

With her blonde hair and blue eyes, Nina’s appearance is easily recognized by many people who know her from films or her work as an activist.

Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More

Nina Hartley Father Mother

Nina Hartley has a dad named Louis Hartman and a mom who is Jewish. Her parents were very special people who taught Nina many things. Her dad, Louis, and mom always supported her dreams and ideas. They showed her how important it is to work hard and to be kind to others.

Nina’s mom and dad helped her learn about different things and become curious. They were always there for her, cheering her on in everything she did. Nina got her strong spirit and smart brain from her parents. They made sure she knew she could be anything she wanted to be.

Nina’s mom and dad played a big role in making her the amazing person she is today. They showed her love and taught her to care about people and the world around her.

Future Projects and Legacy

Nina Hartley is always thinking about what she can do next. She has plans to keep making movies that make people think and feel happy. Nina also wants to keep helping others and talking about important things that can improve the world. She is working on new ideas that we might see in movies or hear about in talks she gives. Nina hopes her work will help people understand each other better and teach them to care more.

Her legacy, or the mark she leaves behind, will be about being brave, speaking up for what’s right, and showing kindness. Nina wants to be remembered as someone who used her voice and talents to make a difference.

She believes everyone can do something special to help others and make the world a nicer place. Nina’s future projects and the legacy she’s building will inspire many people to follow their dreams and help others, too.

Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More

Social Media Presence

Nina Hartley likes to share parts of her life on the internet so that many people can see them. She uses websites and apps like Twitter and Instagram. On these, she posts pictures and talks about things she cares about, like helping others and being kind. Nina also shares about the movies she makes or acts in, and sometimes about her hobbies like gardening or cooking.

People who like her films and want to know more about her can follow her on these websites. Nina uses her online pages to talk to her fans and share important messages. She doesn’t just show the fun parts of her life and talks about how everyone can help make the world better. Nina’s online pages are where she connects with people from all over, sharing her thoughts and learning from others.


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Gardening: Nina loves to spend time with plants and flowers. She enjoys making things grow and taking care of her garden. It’s like a special magic for her to see a tiny seed turn into a beautiful flower or yummy vegetable. 

Reading: Books are Nina’s good friends. She likes to read, especially stories that make her think or teach her something new. Reading helps her relax and learn more about the world. 

Dancing: Moving to music makes Nina super happy. She enjoys dancing and feels free when spinning and stepping to the beat. It’s a fun way for her to stay active, too. 

Cooking: Nina is a wizard in the kitchen. She likes trying new recipes and making tasty meals for her friends and family. Cooking is like an adventure for her, mixing different ingredients to create something delicious. 

Hiking: Walking in nature is something Nina enjoys. She loves to explore new trails and breathe in the fresh air of the mountains or forests. It’s a time for her to think and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. 

Watching Movies: Even though Nina is a part of making movies, she also loves watching them. She enjoys all kinds of movies, from funny cartoons to big adventures. Watching movies helps her see the world differently and sparks new ideas for her projects.

Nina Hartley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education & More


How old is Nina Hartley?

Nina Hartley is 65 years old.

What does Nina Hartley do?

Nina Hartley is an actress, movie director, nurse, and activist. She does a lot of different jobs.

Is Nina Hartley married?

Yes, Nina Hartley is married to Ernest Greene.

Did Nina Hartley go to college?

She went to San Francisco State University, where she learned to be a nurse.

What movies has Nina Hartley been in?

Nina Hartley has been in many movies and even directed some, like “Nina Hartley’s Book of Love.”

How much money does Nina Hartley have?

Nina Hartley has a net worth of $4 million.

How tall is Nina Hartley?

Nina Hartley is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

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In wrapping up, we’ve closely examined who Nina Hartley is and all the amazing things she’s done. From her early days in California to becoming a big name in movies and an activist who stands up for her beliefs, Nina has shown us what hard work and caring about others can do. She’s not just famous for being in movies; she’s also a great nurse and loves to help people.

With Ernest by her side and being super smart, Nina has done a lot and has saved up a lot of money, too. Her story teaches us that following your dreams, caring for others, and always learning can lead to a wonderful life. Nina Hartley’s journey is inspiring, reminding us to keep chasing our dreams and making a difference in the world, just like she does.

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