Misscarriejune Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education & More


Misscarriejune, also known as Carriejune Anne Bowlby, is a famous American fitness model, influencer, and social media celebrity. With her stunning looks and toned physique, she has captured the hearts of millions of followers on various social media platforms.

Her passion for a healthy and active lifestyle has inspired many, making her a role model for young girls worldwide. Along with her successful career, she also values education and holds a degree in Psychology from the University of California,

Let’s dive into her bio and learn more about this inspiring and talented young woman.

 Name Misscarriejune
Age(as 2024) 28 years old
Date of Birth February 7, 1996
Nationality American
Profession Fitness Model, Influencer, Social Media Sensation
Birthplace New Jersey, USA

Who Is Misscarriejune?

Misscarriejune is a well-known American fitness model, influencer, and social media celebrity. His real name is Carriejune Anne Bowlby, and she was born on February 7, 1996. That means she is from New Jersey, in the United States.

People like her a lot because she knows how to exercise and eat right to stay strong. She uses websites like Instagram to talk to her fans and show them how to exercise and live a healthy life.

Many young people look up to her because she shows that being active and caring for your body is important. Misscarriejune is not just about fitness; she loves learning, too. She went to the University of California to study psychology, which is how people think and feel.

Misscarriejune Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education & More

The Early Life

Carriejune Anne Bowlby started loving fitness when she was still going to school. She was born in New Jersey and grew up there. When she was a kid, she learned she liked moving and staying active. This wasn’t just about playing sports or running around; she wanted to learn how to make her body strong and healthy.

So, she started learning more about fitness and how to care for her body. This love for staying fit helped her greatly in school because it taught her to set goals and work hard to reach them. Later, she went to the University of California. There, she didn’t study fitness, but she chose Psychology.

She wanted to understand how people think and why they do what they do. This shows that Carriejune loves learning new things, not just about fitness but also about how our minds work. Even though this section is about her early years and school, her story continues. She kept growing and learning, which helped her become the fitness star she is today.

The Rise to Fame in the Fitness World

Misscarriejune’s journey to becoming famous in the fitness world is exciting. It all started when she decided to use social media to share her love for fitness. She began posting pictures and videos of her workouts, tips on eating healthy, and advice on staying strong. People from all over started to watch and follow her. They liked her posts because she made fitness seem fun and something everyone could do.

As more people followed her, companies that make workout clothes and health foods noticed her. They thought she was the perfect person to help promote their products. So, they asked her to work with them. This helped her reach even more people. She showed her followers that they could achieve their fitness goals with hard work and dedication.

Her honest and positive way of talking about fitness and health made her stand out. Soon, she wasn’t just another person on social media but a fitness star. Her journey shows that sharing something you love can inspire others and even turn your passion into a career.

Misscarriejune Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education & More

Misscarriejune Career Highlights

Misscarriejune’s journey in the world of fitness began early in her life. Starting in the 5th grade, she was not just sitting around. She put on her sports shoes and got moving. She tried different things like track and field, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Each of these sports taught her something new about what her body could do and how strong she could become.

As she grew older, her love for staying active turned into a passion for fitness. She didn’t keep all this knowledge to herself. Instead, she decided to share it with the world. Misscarriejune turned to social media and started posting about her workouts, how to eat healthy, and ways to stay fit.

People liked what she shared. They found her tips helpful and her journey inspiring. This love from people helped her become a well-known fitness model and influencer. She showed everyone that you can reach your fitness goals with hard work and dedication.

Her early start in sports laid a strong foundation for her career. Today, she is not just someone who loves fitness; she is a role model for many, showing how important it is to take care of your body.

Misscarriejune Age

Misscarriejune was born in New Jersey, United States. Her birthday is on February 7, 1996. This means that as we reach the year 2024, she will be 28 years old. Time flies by really fast! When she celebrates her birthday every year, it marks another year of her sharing her fitness journey and inspiring lots of people.

Being 28 years old, she has already done much, like teaching others to be fit and healthy. It’s amazing how much someone can do in just a few years. Remember, every year is a chance to do something great like Misscarriejune.

Misscarriejune Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education & More

Misscarriejune Net Worth 

Misscarriejune has made much money from her hard work in the fitness world. Some people think she has between $100,000 and $500,000. She didn’t just make this money by teaching people about fitness. She also worked with companies that sell workout clothes and health foods.

They paid her to show their products to her many followers. This way, she could make more money and reach more people. Besides, she uses her fame on social media to help her business grow. She made a job out of her passion for fitness by sharing what she loves. This teaches us that if you like something and work hard, you can also make it into a job that pays you money.

Misscarriejune Height Weight

Misscarriejune, who we know as Carriejune Anne Bowlby, stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs about 135 pounds, which is around 61.2 kilograms in other measurements. Carriejune has worked hard to keep her body strong and healthy. This means she exercises a lot and eats food that is good for her.

Her height and weight show us she takes great care of herself. This is important because being healthy helps us do our best in everything we try. Like Misscarriejune, taking care of our bodies by staying active and eating right is key. She shows us that being fit isn’t just about how you look; it’s about feeling good and being able to do many things without getting tired too quickly.

Misscarriejune Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education & More

Misscarriejune Boyfriend

Misscarriejune keeps her love life private, which means she doesn’t share much about it on the internet. Even though she talks to her fans about fitness and health, she chooses not to talk much about who she is dating. This helps her keep some parts of her life just for herself, which is okay.

Everyone has the right to decide what they want to share with the world and what they want to keep private. So, if Misscarriejune has a boyfriend, she has yet to make it a big topic online. This shows that while she loves sharing fitness tips and inspiring others, she also values having a personal space like hers.

Diet Plan

Misscarriejune eats food that is good for her body and helps her stay fit and strong. She likes to eat lots of fruits and vegetables because they have things our bodies need, like vitamins and minerals. She also eats protein, like chicken and fish, to help her muscles grow. Misscarriejune makes sure to drink plenty of water daily because staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re active.

She sometimes shares her favorite healthy recipes on social media so fans can also try them. Eating right is a big part of being fit, and Misscarriejune shows us how to do it in a fun and yummy way.

Daily Workout 

Misscarriejune loves to move and stay strong. She does exercise every day to keep her muscles healthy and happy. Her workout might include lifting weights, doing squats, and jumping. This helps her run faster, jump higher, and feel great. Sometimes, she also goes for runs outside.

Running helps her heart stay strong and lets her enjoy the fresh air. Misscarriejune mixes things up so she doesn’t get bored. One day, she might focus on her legs; another day, her arms. She believes in taking rest days, too. On these days, she doesn’t do hard workouts.

Rest lets her body heal and get ready for more exercises. Miss carrie june shows us that working out can be fun and a part of a healthy life. She likes to share tips on how to stay active and make workout time enjoyable.

Misscarriejune Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education & More

Social Media Presence

Misscarriejune is very popular online, especially on social media sites like Instagram. She has many followers who love to see her workout pictures, videos, and tips for staying healthy. Carriejune uses social media to talk to her fans and share important messages about fitness and eating right. People like following her because she shows them that working out can be fun and not just hard work.

She also shares stories about her fitness journey, making her fans feel like they can achieve their goals, too. Besides Instagram, she might use other social media platforms to reach even more people. Her social media pages are where she connects with her fans and helps them stay motivated to be healthy and happy.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Miss carriejune has big dreams for the future. She wants to keep helping people learn how to be fit and healthy. She aims to reach even more folks through social media, sharing tips and showing how fun and important fitness can be. Besides this, she’s considering creating her own workout clothes or health foods brand. This way, she can offer products she truly believes in and uses herself.

Misscarriejune is also passionate about teaching young girls to love and care for their bodies, just as she has. She hopes to start programs or camps where she can teach them about fitness and self-confidence. Even though she has achieved a lot, Misscarriejune believes there’s always room to grow and more people to inspire. She’s excited to see where her journey takes her next and how she can continue to make a difference in the fitness world.


Besides working out and sharing fitness tips, Misscarriejune loves to do fun things in her free time.

She enjoys being outdoors, where she can breathe fresh air and soak up the sun.

Her favorite ways to spend time outside are hiking in the mountains or walking in the park.

She also likes to travel and see new places. When she visits different cities or countries, she learns about new cultures and tries foods she’s never had before.

Another hobby of hers is reading. She loves to curl up with a good book, which helps her relax and learn something new at the same time.

Misscarriejune believes having hobbies makes life more fun and helps her be happy and healthy.


What does Misscarriejune do? 

She is a fitness model, influencer, and social media star. She shares tips on exercising and eating right.

How old is Misscarriejune?

As of 2024, she will be 28 years old.

Where did Misscarriejune study?

She studied Psychology at the University of California.

Does Misscarriejune have a boyfriend?

She keeps her personal life private, so we don’t know much about her dating life.

What sports did Misscarriejune play?

She was into track and field, gymnastics, and cheerleading when she was younger.

How much money does Misscarriejune make? 

Her net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $500,000.

What are Misscarriejune’s plans?

She wants to keep inspiring people to stay fit, may start her workout clothes or healthy foods, and hopes to teach young girls about fitness and self-confidence.

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This article taught us a lot about Misscarriejune, also known as Carriejune Anne Bowlby. She is a big deal in the fitness world and has shown many people how to stay healthy and strong. Carriejune is not only about fitness; she loves learning and has studied Psychology. She started liking fitness when she was very young and has worked hard to share her love for being active with the world.

This has helped her become famous on social media and work with big companies. Remembering her birthday on February 7, we see how much she has achieved at a young age. She has also made good money by following her passion. Carriejune shows us it’s important to care for our bodies and that doing something we love can lead to great things. Her story inspires us to work hard, stay healthy, and chase our dreams.

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