Hoesluvkinz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education And More

Hoesluvkinz is a well-known social media influencer and model from the United States. Her real name is McKinzie Valdez, and she has gained popularity through engaging content and stunning photos on various social media platforms.

She is known for her unique sense of style and bubbly personality, which has captivated her audience. Hoesluvkinz has also collaborated with various brands and has been featured in magazines, showcasing her success in the modelling industry.

Stay tuned to learn more about Hoesluvkinz and her exciting journey in the digital world.

Quick Info

Full name Hoesluvkinz
Other Name McKinzie Valdez
Date of birth 30 June 2004
Age 20
Zodiac sign Cancer
Place of birth Corpus, Christi, Texas, United States
Current residence Middletown, Ohio, United States
Nationality American

Who is Hoesluvkinz?

McKinzie Valdez, known as Hoesluvkinz, is famous on social media and in modelling in the United States. She was born on June 30, 2004, which makes her a young star shining brightly online and in modelling.

McKinzie shares cool pictures and videos that many people love to see. She dresses in a way that’s all her own and always seems happy, making many people enjoy her posts. Because of how she presents herself and her talent in modelling, she’s worked with different brands and has been in magazines.

This shows how successful she has become at a young age. People like what she does, and she has become a big name on the internet and in fashion.

Hoesluvkinz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education And More

Hoesluvkinz Early Life

Hoesluvkinz was born into a loving family in the United States on June 30, 2004. When she was a little girl, McKinzie showed a big love for dressing up and taking pictures.

Her family and friends noticed she had a special spark and always encouraged her to be herself. Even as a kid, McKinzie liked to share her outfits and smiles with others, setting the stage for what she would become famous for later. Growing up, she attended school like other kids and enjoyed learning, especially subjects that let her be creative.

McKinzie’s early years were filled with fun, learning, and the beginning steps toward her dream. She loved to play, make friends, and explore new things, which helped her grow into the confident and stylish person she is today. Her journey from a cheerful child to a social media star began with her passion for fashion and connecting with people, even at a young age.

Hoesluvkinz Age

Hoesluvkinz, a famous person on the internet and in modelling, was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States. Her birthday is June 30, 2004. This means that, as we reach the year 2024, she will be 20 years old.

Imagine she has already done so much at such a young age, and many people would like to see what she does next. Being 20 is a big deal because she’s grown up but still has her whole life ahead to create, share, and enjoy.

Hoesluvkinz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education And More

Hoesluvkinz Career

Hoesluvkinz started her journey in the spotlight in 2019. She was 15 when she first shared her life and style on TikTok. On this app, she posts short videos where she dances, models, and shows off her unique fashion. Her fun and friendly personality quickly made her a favourite online.

This attention helped her become more than just someone who posts videos for fun. Brands noticed her talent and how much people liked her, so they started to work with her.

This means she gets to show off clothes, makeup, and other cool things to her fans and gets paid for it. Her career on social media made it possible for her to do what she loves and share it with a big audience every day.

The Net Worth of Hoesluvkinz

Hoesluvkinz has made much money from her online work and as a model. Right now, her net worth is about $1.5 million. This means she has $1.5 million because of her job.

She earns money by making videos and posts people love watching and modelling for different brands. She gets paid every time she works with a brand to show off their clothes or products. This has helped her save a lot of money. Making videos and modelling are her main ways of making money, and she’s good at both.

Hoesluvkinz Height, Weight

Hoesluvkinz is known not just for her videos and style but also for her looks. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is about 167 centimetres. She weighs 121 pounds, equal to 55 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-26-36 inches, showing her unique figure.

Hoesluvkinz has beautiful brown hair and eyes that many of her fans admire. Her height, weight, and body shape play a big part in her modelling career, helping her look great in different clothes and pictures. People often notice how she matches her outfits with her natural looks, making everything she wears stand out.

Hoesluvkinz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education And More

Hoesluvkinz Boyfriend and Relationships

Hoesluvkinz keeps her love life pretty private. This means she only shares a little about who she is dating or if she has a boyfriend. Some famous people like to tell their fans about their relationships, but McKinzie keeps that part of her life just for herself.

Even though she shares many things on social media, she feels some are unique and only for some to know. This helps her have an everyday life away from the cameras and the spotlight. What’s most important is that she is happy and enjoys her time, whether she is single or in a relationship. Fans respect her choice to keep her love life private and continue supporting her in all she does.


McKinzie Valdez, also known as Hoesluvkinz, is White. This means her family comes from people who are known as White. Ethnicity tells us about the group of people our family comes from. It can tell us about our culture, traditions, and sometimes places our families lived in long ago. For McKinzie, being White is part of who she is, just like what she loves to do and share online.


Hoesluvkinz, has some fun facts that many people might not know about. First, she loves animals, has a pet dog that she adores, and often shares pictures on her social media. McKinzie has a sweet tooth; her favourite snack is chocolate chip cookies.

She enjoys travelling and hopes to visit Paris one day, as it’s her dream destination. In her free time, she likes to dance and even takes dance classes to learn new moves. Another remarkable fact is that McKinzie is a big fan of comic books and superhero movies, with Spider-Man being her favourite superhero. These little bits of information show there’s more to her than just the photos and videos we see online.

Hoesluvkinz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education And More

Hoesluvkinz Education

Hoesluvkinz went to school just like other kids. She went to a college far from her home when she grew up. This college is not in the United States but in another country. At college, she learned many things that helped her in her career.

She worked very hard in her classes and learned a lot. Going to college in a different country was a big adventure for her. It taught her new things and made her a stronger person. She enjoyed her time at college and made many friends. Learning in another country was a particular part of her life.

Hoesluvkinz Achievement

Hoesluvkinz has done some fantastic things in her career. One significant achievement is how many people follow her on social media. She has thousands of fans who love to see her pictures and videos.

That’s a big deal because it shows many people think she’s excellent at what she does. Another success is working with famous brands. Brands are companies that make things like clothes and makeup. Hoesluvkinz gets to show these products to her followers, which helps the companies and lets her do fun work.

Also, being in magazines is a huge achievement. Magazines are books with pictures and stories people buy to read about fashion, news, and famous people. When Hoesluvkinz is in a magazine, it means she is essential in fashion and modelling. These remarkable achievements show how hard McKinzie has worked to reach her dreams.

Hoesluvkinz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Education And More

Before Fame

Before McKinzie Valdez became known as Hoesluvkinz, she was like any other kid. She loved to play dress-up and was always ready to smile for a photo. Her love for fashion and taking pictures didn’t start when she became famous. It began much earlier.

As a little girl, she enjoyed sharing her outfits and adventures with her family and friends. This was a hint of what was to come. McKinzie didn’t wake up one day as a social media star.

She worked hard and shared her joy with the world. Her early days were filled with dreams and small steps towards becoming the person she is today. She showed everyone that you can turn your dreams into reality with passion and a positive attitude.

Social Media Presence

Hoesluvkinz, also known to many as McKinzie Valdez, is very popular on the internet, especially on social media. She uses platforms like TikTok and Instagram to share parts of her life, style, and what she loves doing. McKinzie has a lot of followers who watch her videos and like her photos.

They enjoy seeing her dance, model and show her latest outfits. She also uses these platforms to talk to her fans, sharing messages and updates about her life. By posting regularly, McKinzie keeps her fans interested and engaged, always waiting to see what she will share next. Her social media is where she connects with people worldwide, sharing smiles and fashion tips.

Future Aspirations and Projects

Hoesluvkinz, or McKinzie Valdez, has big plans for her future. She wants to keep making videos and modelling for brands. McKinzie loves to share her style and fun moments with everyone. She dreams of starting her clothing line one day. She would make and sell her clothes to people who liked her style.

McKinzie also wants to help young girls feel good about themselves. She plans to use her fame to talk about being confident and happy like you are.

Besides these goals, McKinzie is excited to travel more and share her adventures with her fans. She hopes to visit new places and meet people from all over the world. McKinzie’s future looks bright and full of exciting projects. She’s ready to work hard and bring her dreams to life.


Taking care of her pet dog: McKinzie loves playing and walking with her furry friend.

Eating chocolate chip cookies: She enjoys snacking on these sweet treats.

Traveling to new places: McKinzie dreams of exploring the world, especially visiting Paris one day. 

Dancing: She likes to learn new dance moves and takes dance classes to improve her skills.

Reading comic books: Spider-Man is her favourite, but she loves diving into all sorts of superhero stories.

Watching superhero movies: Besides reading about superheroes, watching them in action on the big screen is another fun hobby of hers.


What does Hoesluvkinz do?

She makes videos and models. She shares these on the internet for people to watch and enjoy.

How old is Hoesluvkinz?

She was born in 2004, so you can figure out how old she is by subtracting 2004 from the current year.

Where was Hoesluvkinz born?

She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the United States.

Does Hoesluvkinz have a pet?

Yes, she has a dog that she loves a lot and sometimes shows in her photos online.

What’s Hoesluvkinz’s favourite snack?

Her favourite snack is chocolate chip cookies.

Who is Hoesluvkinz’s favorite superhero?

Spider-Man is her favourite superhero.

Has Hoesluvkinz worked with famous brands?

She has worked with different brands by showing their products in her posts.

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In conclusion, Hoesluvkinz, also known as McKinzie Valdez, is a shining star in social media and modelling. Starting young, she followed her dreams and shared her life with the world. With her unique style and happy vibe, she has won many fans.

McKinzie works hard, whether making cool videos or modelling for brands, and she’s done very well for herself. Even though she keeps some parts of her life private, like her relationships, it’s clear that she loves what she does. She’s also proven that being true to who you are can lead to great things.

From dressing up as a little girl to becoming a famous model and influencer, McKinzie’s journey is truly inspiring. She reminds us to chase our dreams and be proud of who we are. Her story isn’t just about fame; it’s about working hard, staying positive, and making your dreams come true.

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