Eimi Fukada Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Eimi Fukada is a famous actress and YouTuber from Japan. She is best known for her roles in various films and TV shows. Her popularity soared when she graced the cover of Weekly Mass on February 20, 2017, mesmerizing fans with her stunning looks and impressive acting skills.

Eimi has a huge following on social media, with fans eagerly waiting for her latest projects and updates. She has become a household name in Japan and continues to gain international recognition for her talent.

Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of the talented Eimi Fukada.

Quick Info

Name Eimi Fukada
Age  26 years old
DOB March 18, 1998
Net Worth $700,000.
Profession  Actress & youtuber
Nationality Japan
Boyfriend  Update Soon

Who is Eimi Fukada?

Eimi Fukada is a well-known actress and YouTuber who comes from Japan. She was born on March 18, 1998, making her home in the bustling city of Tokyo. Eimi stepped into the spotlight thanks to her amazing roles in movies and on TV, quickly capturing the hearts of many fans around the world.

Besides acting, she also shares her life and interests on YouTube, where she has gathered a big group of followers who love to see what she’s up to next.

Eimi Fukada Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Eimi Fukada’s Early Life

Eimi Fukada was born on March 18, 1998, in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up, she was a happy and curious child who loved to play and explore the world around her. Eimi went to school in Tokyo, where she made lots of friends and learned many things.

Even as a young girl, Eimi loved to perform. She enjoyed being in school plays and showing her family and friends her acting skills. Eimi also had a big love for watching movies and TV shows, which made her dream of becoming an actress one day. Her early life in Tokyo was filled with fun, learning, and the beginning of her journey to follow her dreams.

Eimi Fukada Age

Eimi Fukada was born on a sunny day in Tokyo, Japan, on March 18, 1998. If you look at the calendar and count the years all the way to 2024, you’ll find that Eimi is now 26 years old. Think about all the things you love to do and imagine doing them for many years.

That’s what Eimi has been doing with her acting and making videos. She started when she was younger, and now, at 26, she’s still working hard and sharing her talents with the world. Just like you grow and learn new things every year, Eimi has been growing in her career and learning more about acting and making videos for her fans.

Eimi Fukada Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Eimi Fukada Career

Eimi Fukada’s journey to fame began in a big way. She first caught everyone’s eye when she appeared on the cover of a magazine called Weekly Mass on February 20, 2017. This was a big deal because lots of people saw her and liked her. After this, she took a huge step in her acting career.

In the same month of February 2017, Eimi made a very important move. She acted in her first film. The film was made by a company named SOD Create. This was a special movie, and Eimi’s role in it helped her become more famous. People started to know who she was because of her acting in this film.

From here, Eimi kept working in movies and on TV. Her career got bigger and better. She became known for being a great actress. Eimi also started sharing her life and things she likes to do on YouTube. This made even more people follow her and become her fans. She worked hard and showed everyone how talented she was.

Eimi Fukada Family

Section Header: Eimi Fukada’s Dream to Shine Section Text: Eimi Fukada was a girl with big dreams living in Tokyo, Japan. Even when she was really little, she loved the camera. She enjoyed being in school plays a lot. When she was on stage, she felt happy and alive.

Eimi also spent a lot of time watching TV shows and movies. These weren’t just for fun; they were like classes for her. She watched how people acted and dreamed of being like them one day. Her love for acting grew every day. She didn’t just want to be in front of the camera for fun.

She wanted to share stories and make people feel happy, sad, excited, and everything in between. Her dream was challenging, but Eimi was ready to work hard. She knew that to shine bright, she had to keep learning and never give up, no matter how hard it got. So, every day, Eimi took steps toward her big dream, hoping to light up the world with her talent.

Eimi Fukada Net Worth

Eimi Fukada has done well for herself, especially when it comes to how much money she has made. People often wonder, “How much money does someone like Eimi Fukada have?” Well, as of 2024, she has around $700,000. This is a lot of money! How did she get all this money? Mainly, Eimi earns her money by acting in movies and being on TV. She has been in lots of films and shows that many people watch.

Besides acting, Eimi also makes videos for YouTube. She shares parts of her life and things she loves doing on her YouTube channel. This helps her make more money. Every time someone watches her videos, she can earn a little bit more. So, acting and making YouTube videos are the big ways Eimi Fukada has built her net worth.

Eimi Fukada Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Eimi Fukada is not very tall, standing at 5 feet 1 inch, which is about 157 centimetres. She weighs about 41 kilograms or 90 pounds. Eimi has black hair that looks very pretty, and her eyes are a nice shade of brown.

These features make her easily recognized by her fans and add to her charm on screen and in photos. She has a unique look that many people admire. Her physical appearance is just one of the many things that her followers like about her.

Eimi Fukada Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Awards and Achievements

Eimi Fukada has won a lot of awards for being an amazing actress. In 2022, she won an award for being the best actress in her field. This means that a lot of people thought she did the best job in acting compared to others. Winning an award like this is a big deal.

It shows that others are recognizing all her hard work and talent in acting. Awards help people see how good she is at what she does. Being called the best actress of the year is a huge honour. It’s like getting a gold star that says, “You did an amazing job!” This award is one of the many ways people can see how special Eimi Fukada is in the world of acting.

Eimi Fukada Boyfriend

Eimi Fukada is very private about her personal life. She likes to keep some things to herself, like whether she has a boyfriend or not. This means that she doesn’t talk much about her love life in public or on the internet. Some famous people decide to share who they are dating, but Eimi chooses not to.

She believes some parts of her life are just for her and not for everyone else to know. This is why, right now, we need to find out if Eimi Fukada has a boyfriend. She focuses a lot on her acting, making videos, and being happy. It’s important to respect her choice to keep her personal life private.

Social Media Presence

Eimi Fukada is very popular on social media. She has a lot of followers who love to see what she is doing and hear what she has to say. On Instagram, Eimi has about 2.7 million people following her. This means that almost three million people can see the pictures and videos she posts there.

But that’s not all. Eimi is also on TikTok, where even more people follow her. On TikTok, she has a huge 4.9 million followers! This is a lot of people, almost five million, who enjoy watching her short videos and clips.

Eimi uses these platforms to share parts of her life, fun moments, and updates about her work with her fans. Her followers on these sites really like seeing what she’s up to.


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Eimi Fukada Education

Eimi Fukada worked hard in school, too. She grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where she went to school like you. After finishing her school days, she didn’t stop learning. Eimi kept studying and went to college. She worked very hard in college and learned a lot of new things.

This helped her a lot in her career later. Finally, Eimi graduated from college. This means she completed all her classes and passed all her tests. It’s a big achievement because it shows she kept going even when things got tough.

Graduating from college made her family very proud. It was a step that helped her chase her dreams of acting and making videos. Remember, learning is important if you want to reach your dreams, just like Eimi did.

Eimi Fukada Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Future Projects and Endeavors

Eimi Fukada is always working on new and exciting things. She’s not just sitting around! Right now, she’s getting ready for some cool projects that we’ll get to see soon. Eimi has movies that she’s acting in and new videos for her YouTube channel that she’s planning.

She’s always thinking of new ideas to make her fans happy and bring them fun stuff to watch. Besides her acting and YouTube, Eimi is also thinking about ways to meet her fans in person. She might go to events or have special meetings where she can say hello and thank you to the people who support her.

Plus, Eimi is always trying to learn more. She might take classes to get even better at acting or find new hobbies to share with her fans. Even though we don’t know all the details of Eimi’s future projects, we can be sure they’ll be great. She loves to surprise her fans with what she does next. Keep an eye on her social media to see what’s coming up. Eimi’s future looks bright and full of exciting adventures!


Watching Movies and TV Shows: Eimi loves to spend her free time watching different kinds of movies and TV shows. This hobby helps her learn new acting skills and relax. –

Making YouTube Videos: Creating fun and interesting videos for her YouTube channel is one of Eimi’s favourite activities. She enjoys sharing parts of her life and connecting with her fans. 

Reading Books: Eimi is also a big fan of reading. She likes to dive into different stories, from exciting adventures to mysterious tales, which helps her imagination grow. 

Traveling: Exploring new places is another hobby of Eimi’s. She loves to travel and see different parts of the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. 

Cooking: Eimi enjoys cooking in her free time. Trying out new recipes and making delicious meals is something she finds fun and rewarding. 

Photography: Taking pictures is a hobby that lets Eimi capture the beautiful moments in her life. She loves to photograph her travels, friends, and the interesting things she sees.

Eimi Fukada Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More


What does Eimi Fukada do?

Eimi is a famous actress and YouTuber from Japan. She acts in movies and TV shows and also makes videos for YouTube.

How old is Eimi Fukada?

As of 2024, Eimi is 26 years old. She was born on March 18, 1998.

Does Eimi Fukada have a boyfriend?

Eimi keeps her personal life private, so we don’t know if she has a boyfriend. She chooses not to share that information.

How tall is Eimi Fukada?

Eimi is 5 feet 1 inch tall, which is about 157 centimeters.

What’s Eimi Fukada’s net worth?

Eimi’s net worth is thought to be around $700,000. She earns money by acting and making YouTube videos.

Where can I follow Eimi Fukada on social media?

You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok. She has millions of followers on both platforms.

Has Eimi Fukada won any awards?

Yes, Eimi has won awards for her acting, including being named the best actress in her field in 2022.

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Eimi Fukada is a very talented and famous actress and YouTuber from Japan. She started with big dreams and worked hard to make them come true. Eimi has played in movies, been on TV, and shared her life on YouTube. She has won awards and has lots of fans all over the world.

Even though we don’t know everything about her personal life, we know she loves what she does. Eimi plans to keep acting, making videos, and even meeting some of her fans in person. She wants to keep learning and trying new things.

Eimi has shown us that with hard work and a big heart, you can follow your dreams and inspire others to do the same. She’s a great example of someone who keeps moving forward, no matter what. Keep an eye on her because there’s always something new and exciting coming up in Eimi’s world.

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