Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas for Your Home

If you would like to make this world a healthier place and re-decorate your home at the same time, consider using eco-friendly elements of decor. Items like a 3d map of world, a plant, or a natural fabric will add authenticity to your haven and reduce your environmental footprint. Here are some of the ideas for your next decor routine.

Say NO to Plastic

Like, literally. Not only will you do good to the world, but you’ll also make your home look better in terms of interior design. Get rid of all those plastic storage and replace them with wooden ones or even an open shelf, if possible. You will find a lot of options out there when it comes to plastic-free storage, which means all of your household items will be displayed and kept properly.

Incorporate Some Outdoors into the Interior

A simple trick may help you boost air quality in your home and create a natural ambiance. Bring some indoor plants in (allergic anyone?) like succulents or some other types that with air-purifying qualities (snake plants, spider plants, sword fern, etc.). Make sure to pick greenery that doesn’t require much attention and care if you happen to be an extra busy person. Use upcycled or/and recycled planters to display your green friends.

Add Some Wood

…but do it wisely! A huge wooden world map, poster, or any other piece of decor looks exceptionally good in any interior, from modern and minimalistic to beach and country. However, before you make any purchase, ensure that the piece of wood you’re about to own is crafted from certified material. This sustainably sourced material will have a special logo that proves the wood was harvested in accordance with environmental protection rules, which means it’s better for the ecosystem than traditional furniture.

Decorate with Natural Fabrics

Say goodbye to synthetic fabrics and let some nature in! Organic materials like linen, cotton, and hemp can make your place cozier and add a pinch of luxury to any interior. These options are better for the environment and make the room more breathable.

Infuse Ceramics into the Interior

Ceramics is known for being an excellent alternative to synthetic materials. Taking into account the fact that the process of manufacture doesn’t need any other materials, ceramics is now one of the earth-friendly decor options out there. Not only will you save forests, but you’ll also add a non-toxic and safe piece of decor to any room, from a large living or dining room to a small bedroom and even a corridor.

Support Local Artisans

When on the lookout for items to decorate your place, we recommend picking options available in your area. Handmade products from local artisans are famous for a lower level of carbon footprint (in contrast to those items from mass market) that positively contributes to a healthier and much greener planet for generations to come.

Environmentally-friendly home decor is just one small (yet so essential!) step toward living sustainably. Today, you are making a conscious choice for your home decor to minimize pollution, reduce waste, and your carbon footprint tomorrow.

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