Who is Daniela Antury? Bio, Age, Family, Height & Career 2024

At just 23 years old, Daniela Antury has already made a name for herself in adult entertainment. With her stunning looks and captivating on-screen presence, this Colombian social media influencer and adult film actress has risen to become one of the top 100 models in the industry.

Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, Daniela’s blonde hair and mesmerizing brown eyes have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. But who is Daniela Antury? In this blog post, we will dive into her bio, age, family, height, and career to uncover the story behind this rising star.

Daniela Antury Bio/wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Daniela Antury
Date of Birth January 14, 2001
Age 23 years old
Birthplace Santa Marta, Colombia
Current Residence Colombia
Nationality Colombian
Profession Social Media Influencer, Adult Film Actress
Industry Ranking 12th among the top 100 models in the adult industry
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurements 36-24-38
Weight 50 kilograms
Income Sources Social media, OnlyFans, photoshoots, video sales, brand sponsorships
Monthly Earnings $25,000 – $30,000
Estimated Net Worth $1.5 million

Who Is Daniela Antury?

Who is Daniela Antury? Bio, Age, Family, Height & Career 2024

Daniela Antury is more than just a name. She embodies talent, beauty, and success. At 23, she has achieved remarkable fame. Her journey began in Santa Marta, Colombia. It is there that her dreams took root. She ventured into adult entertainment, a bold step. Her charisma and passion quickly set her apart.

Now, she’s among the industry’s top models. Daniela isn’t just a performer; she’s an influencer too. Her social media platforms buzz with activity. They showcase her life, work, and the brands she loves. Through dedication, Daniela has built a lucrative career. Yet, she remains grounded, always looking to inspire. She is a figure of empowerment for many.

Daniela Antury’s Early Life and Family

Daniela Antury’s journey began in Santa Marta, a vibrant Colombian city that shaped her dreams. She grew up in a supportive family that encouraged her passions from a young age. This backing was crucial to her early success. Daniela often shares fond memories of her hometown. It remains close to her heart despite her fame.

Her family’s influence is evident in her work. They instilled values of hard work and perseverance. These traits have guided her through challenges. Daniela credits them for her achievements. Their unwavering support has been a constant. Her roots play a significant role. They keep her grounded in a fast-paced industry. Her

Daniela Antury’s Amazing Career

Daniela Antury took the adult entertainment world by storm. Starting in her early twenties, she quickly stood out. Her blend of sensuality and authenticity captivated audiences. Soon, she ranked among the top adult models. Beyond films, Daniela embraced social media. Here, she connects with fans personally.

This strategy further boosted her popularity, and brand deals and sponsorships followed suit. Daniela’s content on platforms like OnlyFans also contributes to her success. Here, she shares exclusive content, enhancing her income. She now earns impressively, reflecting her industry impact. Daniela’s journey from a dreamer in Colombia to a global sensation is remarkable. Each step showcases her determination and talent.

Who is Daniela Antury? Bio, Age, Family, Height & Career 2024

Daniela Antury Husband/Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Daniela Antury keeps her personal life private. Thus, details about her romantic relationships remain under wraps. She rarely shares information about dating or her love life, leaving fans guessing about her relationship status. However, Daniela focuses more on her career than on public romances. She has mentioned preferring to keep some aspects of her life away from the spotlight.

This decision has not dampened her fans’ curiosity. Yet, it adds an element of mystery to her persona and allows her to maintain a certain level of personal privacy. Therefore, her current relationship status has yet to be discovered. She emphasizes her independence and career achievements over public discussions of her personal life.

Daniela Antury Net Worth

Daniela Antury’s financial success is as impressive as her fame. Her earnings stem from various sources, including her prolific presence on social media and exclusive content on OnlyFans. Photoshoots and video sales boost her income, too. Brand sponsorships add a significant chunk to her earnings.

Together, these streams have amassed Daniela’s net worth of $1.5 million. Her monthly income ranges between $25k and $30k, which showcases her savvy in monetizing her talents. She has a keen business sense. Her wealth reflects her dedication and hard work. Truly, Daniela has built an enviable financial empire.

Future Plan and Goals

Daniela is focused on expanding her brand and diving into mainstream acting. She is also set on entrepreneurship. She aims to launch her line of lingerie. Additionally, Daniela dreams of writing a book. Her story could inspire others. Education is on her agenda, too. She wishes to take business courses.

This will sharpen her acumen. She’s also passionate about charity work, especially in her home country, Colombia. Her goals reflect a mix of ambition and altruism. They highlight her multifaceted personality. Each step forward is carefully planned. Daniela’s future looks bright and promising. Her journey is one to watch., especially in her home country, Colombia. Her goals reflect a mix of ambition and altruism, highlighting.

Who is Daniela Antury? Bio, Age, Family, Height & Career 2024

Fun Facts about Daniela Century

  • Daniela has a passion for salsa dancing.
  • She enjoys cooking traditional Colombian dishes.
  • Interestingly, Daniela is fluent in three languages.
  • She finds time for yoga every morning.
  • Daniela has a pet parrot named Rico.
  • Travelling is her way to unwind and seek inspiration.
  • She collects vintage cameras as a unique hobby.
  • Her favourite book is “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”
  • Daniela loves to sketch and paint in her free time.
  • She’s a fan of old-school Colombian music.
  • Despite her fame, she’s surprisingly good at keeping secrets.
  • Daniela’s first job was at a local ice cream shop.
  • She believes in the power of positive thinking.

Daniela Antury Video and Images

Who is Daniela Antury? Bio, Age, Family, Height & Career 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daniela Antury’s nationality?

Daniela Antury is Colombian, born and raised in Santa Marta, Colombia. She continues to live and work in Colombia, embracing her roots.

How tall is Daniela Antury?

Daniela is 5 feet 6 inches tall, which complements her career as a model and actress in the adult entertainment industry. tall tall

What are Daniela Antury’s primary income sources?

Her income primarily comes from her social media presence, OnlyFans content, photoshoots, video sales, and brand sponsorships, contributing to her monthly earnings of $25k to $30k.

Does Daniela Antury have any hobbies?

Daniela enjoys salsa dancing, cooking traditional Colombian dishes, practicing yoga, and travelling. She also has a passion for collecting vintage cameras and sketching.

What are Daniela Antury’s future aspirations?

Daniela aims to expand into mainstream acting, launch her lingerie line, write a book, and pursue education in business. She’s also committed to charitable work, especially in Colombia.


In conclusion, Daniela Antury’s story is about ambition, talent, and success. From her early days in Santa Marta to becoming a renowned adult entertainment and social media influencer figure, Daniela’s journey illustrates her dedication and hard work.

Her plans show a desire to expand her horizons and give back to her community. Daniela Antury is a name to remember, embodying the spirit of perseverance and the pursuit of dreams.

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