Who is Cameron Friscia? A Comprehensive Bio and Net Worth Analysis

Cameron Friscia is a man from America who works at Coatue Management. He used to be in the military and now helps with research. You might know him as the husband of Kat Timpf, who is also famous.

Cameron is a hard-working and successful person who has achieved much in his career. He is a role model for many people, especially those who want to serve their country as he did. Cameron is also known for his strong and loving relationship with Kat, making them a powerful couple in the public eye.

Let’s take a closer look at Cameron’s life, career, and net worth to understand better who he is and how he has become successful.

Quick Bio

 Name Cameron Friscia
 DOB August 10, 1986
 Age  38 years old
 Net Worth $2 million.
 Wife Kat Timpf
 Profession Military officer
 Height 5 feet 8 inches
 Weight 65 Kg


Who is Cameron Friscia?

Cameron Friscia is an American banker, investor, former military officer, and research partner at Coatue Management in New York. He was born on August 10, 1986, which means he has seen a lot of birthdays. After he was done working in the military, he started working at a place called Coatue Management.

There, he does a job that involves a lot of research to help the company make smart choices. People also know Cameron because he is married to Kat Timpf, known by many for her work on TV.

Cameron has done many things, from serving our country to working in an office. He’s made a name for himself not just because of who he married but also because of the hard work he has done in his career.

Who is Cameron Friscia? A Comprehensive Bio and Net Worth Analysis

Early Life and Education of Cameron Friscia

Cameron Friscia was a young boy who grew up with dreams and goals. When he was just a little kid, he probably didn’t know how big he would become one day. His journey started at a place called Hackley School. It’s a school where kids learn lots of important things that will help them in life.

Cameron was a good student there, working hard and always trying his best. After he finished at Hackley School, Cameron had a new dream. He wanted to learn even more and become even better. So, he went to a special school called the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. This place is different from regular schools. It’s where people learn how to be leaders and protect their country.

At West Point, Cameron learned many things, not just from books but about life and how to be strong. He studied hard at West Point and earned a degree in Science. This was challenging. He had to read many books, experiment, and pass many tests. But Cameron didn’t give up. He kept going, even when it was tough because he knew it was part of becoming the person he wanted to be. This time in his life was full of learning, growing, and getting ready for all the adventures waiting for him.

Distinguished Military Career

Cameron Friscia decided to serve his country by joining the army. He attended a special school called the United States Military Academy at West Point. There, he worked very hard and learned a lot. He finished school with a bachelor’s degree in Science, which is a big achievement.

After West Point, Cameron took another important step. He went to a place called Officer Training School. For seventeen weeks, he took a course known as the Infantry Basic Course. This course was tough and taught him how to be a strong and smart leader in the army.

Cameron’s time in the military taught him many valuable lessons. He learned about teamwork, responsibility, and how to face challenges. This part of his life was very important and helped him become the successful person he is today.

Who is Cameron Friscia? A Comprehensive Bio and Net Worth Analysis

Cameron Friscia Age

Cameron Friscia was born on August 10, 1986. This makes him quite grown-up now. Every year, when August 10 comes around, Cameron gets to celebrate his birthday. Think of all the candles he’s blown out and wishes he’s made! He’s seen many seasons change from the day he was born until now. He’s been around for many years, gathering experiences and growing wiser with each one.

He has celebrated his birthday more than 30 times, which tells us he’s had plenty of time to learn new things, meet new people, and accomplish great things. Remember, even though we’re talking about how many years he’s been alive, what’s amazing is what he’s done with those years.

Net Worth and Financial Success

Cameron Friscia has done very well in finance and investment. People say he has a net worth of about $2 million. This big amount of money didn’t just appear. Cameron worked very hard for it. After serving in the army, he decided to work in the financial sector.

He helps people and companies decide how to spend and invest their money to make more money. Being smart and working hard at Coatue Management, Cameron has made a lot of money. This success took time to happen. It took years of learning, making smart choices, and sometimes taking risks. Cameron’s story shows that you can achieve great things and build a successful career with dedication and hard work.

Who is Cameron Friscia? A Comprehensive Bio and Net Worth Analysis

Cameron Friscia Wife

Cameron Friscia’s life was happy when he met Katherine Clare Timpf, known to many as Kat Timpf. Kat is a very talented person. She writes important things for newspapers, talks on TV where many people watch her, and makes people laugh with her jokes.

They both found something special in each other and decided they wanted to be together forever. It’s like in fairy tales when the prince and princess find each other. Their wedding was a beautiful day filled with love and joy. Imagine a special day with all your friends and family, celebrating love.

That’s what it was like for Cameron and Kat. They promised to care for each other and share life’s big adventures. Now, they are not just two people but a team, sharing their lives and making each other happy. It’s a wonderful part of Cameron’s life, showing how love can bring two people together to share their dreams and make them real.

Who is Cameron Friscia? A Comprehensive Bio and Net Worth Analysis

Cameron Friscia Height Weight

Cameron Friscia is a man who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, which means when he walks into a room, he might not be the tallest, but he surely stands out because of who he is. If you turn that into centimeters, it’s 173, which is a number that measures how tall he is from his feet to the top of his head. He weighs 143 pounds; if we were talking about kilograms instead, that would be about 65. That’s how much his body weighs when he steps on a scale.

Cameron has dark brown hair, which looks nice with his grey eyes. Their eyes, the color of stormy skies, and their hair, the shade of deep, dark chocolate, make him unique. Imagine that – every time he looks in the mirror, he sees those grey eyes staring back at him.

Future Aspirations and Endeavors

Cameron Friscia is always looking ahead, dreaming of what’s next. Even though he’s done a lot already, like being in the army and working with money, he’s still going. He wants to keep getting better at his job at Coatue Management, helping them make smart choices with their money.

Cameron also cares a lot about helping other people, especially those who served in the military like he did. He might work on projects that help these heroes have better lives. Plus, with his wife, Kat, by his side, they might plan to do good things together, maybe even start a family or help in the community.

No one knows exactly what the future holds, but one thing is sure: Cameron Friscia will keep working hard, dreaming big, and doing his best to make those dreams come true. He shows us that no matter how much you achieve, there’s always something more to aim for and new ways to make a difference.

Who is Cameron Friscia? A Comprehensive Bio and Net Worth Analysis

Social Media Presence

Cameron Friscia may not be famous on social media, but he has a nice little spot there. He has a page on a popular site where people share pictures and stories. On his page, he has shared 77 posts. That’s like 77 little windows into his life, showing things he likes to do and people he loves.

He has 8,894 people following him, meaning almost 9,000 people are interested in seeing his shares. That’s a lot of people! And he follows 508 people back. That could be friends, family, or other pages he finds cool or interesting. Cameron’s social media page is a small part of who he is, where he shares bits of his life with people who want to know him better.


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Cameron Friscia has mostly avoided the big troubles you see in the news. Unlike some famous people who sometimes get mixed up in arguments or problems, Cameron has kept his life pretty quiet in that way. Even though being married to Kat Timpf makes him more well-known, he tries to live without causing any big fuss or drama.

This doesn’t mean he’s perfect; everyone makes mistakes. But for Cameron, if he has had any troubles, they have not been shared with the whole world. It’s important to remember that staying out of big public arguments doesn’t mean someone’s life is without problems. It just means they handle things in private, away from everyone’s eyes.

So, while we talk about Cameron, it’s good to know that he tries to live calmly and not be part of big controversies.


Reading: Cameron loves to dive into a good book. Whether it’s a thrilling adventure story or a guide to getting even better at his job, he finds reading fun and helpful. 

Hiking: Being outside and walking through nature is another hobby of Cameron’s. He enjoys the fresh air and the quiet of the outdoors. It’s a great way for him to relax and think. 

Fishing: Sitting by a lake or river and fishing is something Cameron finds peaceful. It’s a quiet hobby that lets him be patient and enjoy the moment. 

Fitness: Staying strong and healthy is important to Cameron. He likes to exercise, run, and sometimes do workouts that he learned in the military. 

Cooking: Cameron enjoys cooking meals for himself and his wife, Kat. Trying out new recipes and making delicious food is fun for them to spend time together. 

Volunteering: Helping others is a big part of Cameron’s life. He spends some of his free time volunteering, especially for causes that support veterans and their families. It’s his way of giving back to the community and helping those in need.


Who is Cameron Friscia?

Cameron Friscia is a man who used to work in the army and now works at Coatue Management. He’s also known because he is married to Kat Timpf.

How old is Cameron Friscia?

Cameron was born on August 10, 1986. So, you can figure out his age by subtracting that year from the current year.

What did Cameron do in the army?

He learned to be a leader and did important work to help protect our country. He also went to a special school for the army called West Point.

What does Cameron do for work now?

He works at Coatue Management, where he researches to help the company make good decisions about money.

Who is Cameron married to?

Cameron is married to Kat Timpf, who is known for her work on TV and writing important things for newspapers.

How tall is Cameron Friscia?

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall, about 173 centimeters.

Does Cameron do anything to help people?

Yes, he cares a lot about helping others, especially people who have served in the military like he did. He wants to work on projects that make their lives better.


In the end, Cameron Friscia is a truly inspiring person. He has done many things in life, like serving in the army, working hard in finance, and being a loving husband. His story teaches us that we can reach our goals and make our dreams come true with dedication and hard work.

Cameron shows that it’s important to keep moving forward, no matter our challenges. He also reminds us that we can help others and positively impact the world. As we have seen, Cameron is always ready to try new things and make a difference in any way he can.

His life is full of lessons we can all learn about not giving up, being strong, and caring for those around us. Cameron Friscia’s journey is not just about how much money he has made or his job but also about his kind of person and how he treats others. He is a great example of someone who lives with purpose and kindness, making him a role model for many.

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