Who is Annabgo? Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth Revealed!

Annabgo is a popular Colombian AV Actress and social media sensation. She has gained a huge following on various platforms due to her captivating performances and engaging content.

Known for her alluring looks and charming personality, Annabgo has quickly become a fan favorite in the entertainment industry. With her rise to fame, many are curious to know more about this talented star.

This blog post will delve into Annabgo bio, age, height, education, net worth, and even her love life. So buckle up and get ready to learn more about this rising star in AV and social media.

Quick Bio

Name Annabgo
Born 23 March 1996
Age 28 years
Profession AV Actress, Model
Net Worth $380k- $630k USD
Career Start and End 2017 to Present

Who is Annabgo?

Annabgo is one of the most well-known faces from Colombia in the world of AV and social media. She was born on a sunny day, March 23, 1996, in Medellin, a beautiful place in Colombia. From a young age, Annabgo showed much interest in acting and being in front of a camera.

Her love for performing and connecting with people led her to become an AV actress. Along with her AV work, Annabgo loves sharing parts of her life and interests on social media. This has made her very popular online, where many people follow her to see her posts and videos.

Her journey shows how she followed her passion and worked hard to become the star she is today—people like her for her work in AV and how she connects with her fans online.

Who is Annabgo? Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth Revealed!

Annabgo Career

Anna Beggion, also known as Criollanna, started her journey to fame by posting short videos. She made these videos to show off her acting skills and to share bits of her daily life. These videos were short but fun and showed Anna’s personality.

People liked watching her because she made them laugh and feel happy. Her videos became very popular, and more and more people started to follow her online. As she got more followers, Anna began to act in AV movies. This was a big step in her career. She became even more famous because of her acting.

Anna worked hard and was very good at what she did. This is how she became known in AV and on social media. Her career is about following your dreams and working hard to make them come true. Anna’s journey from making short videos to becoming a star shows that you can achieve something if you want something and work for it.

Annabgo Height and Physical Attributes

Annabgo is tall, standing 5 feet 9 inches, about 1.75 meters. She weighs around 58 kilograms. Her body measurements are 32A for her chest, 25 inches around her waist, and 34 inches around her hips. This means she has a slim and tall figure.

Annabgo wears a size 32A bra. When it comes to shoes, she fits into a size 7. She has beautiful blonde hair that shines, making her look even more stunning. Her eyes are a deep blue, like the ocean, which adds to her captivating appearance.

Who is Annabgo? Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth Revealed!

Annabgo Education

Annabgo worked hard in school. She grew up in Medellin, Colombia. This is also where she went to school. She finished high school after many years of studying and learning a lot. She didn’t stop there. Annabgo wanted to learn more. So, she went to college in Medellin too.

She studied hard in college. After a few years, she graduated. This means she completed all her classes and did a great job. Going to college was important for Annabgo. It helped her learn new things. It also helped her become better at what she loves doing. Even though she is now famous, her education played a big part in her journey.

Annabgo Net Worth

Annabgo has done well for herself, thanks to her work in AV movies and being popular on social media. People often wonder how much money she makes. Well, Annabgo earns a lot! Her earnings are between $380,000 and USD 630,000. This is a big amount of money.

How did she make all this money? By acting in movies and posting videos that many people like to watch. This money helps her live a good life and do things she enjoys. It also shows how hard she has worked to be successful in what she loves doing.

Remember, Annabgo started with just small videos, and now she is known by many fans. Her story tells us that working hard can pay off.

Before Fame

Before she became a big star, Annabgo was just a regular girl from Medellin, Colombia. She grew up in a place known for its beautiful mountains and colorful streets. Even as a little girl, Annabgo loved to be in front of the camera. She often put on plays for her family and pretended to be a movie star.

Her dream was to act and share her stories with the world. Annabgo also spent a lot of time making videos on her phone. She liked to record funny skits and share them with her friends. These small videos began her journey to becoming a famous actress and social media star.

Before the fame, she was learning and practicing every day, preparing for her big chance to shine.

Who is Annabgo? Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth Revealed!

Annabgo Boyfriend

Many people are curious about Annabgo’s love life, wondering if someone special is in her life. As of now, Annabgo has chosen to keep this part of her life private. She hasn’t shared any details about having a boyfriend. It’s important to respect her choice to keep some things to herself.

Like anyone else, she gets to decide what she wants to share with the public and what she wants to keep just for her. Even though fans are eager to know if she’s dating someone, Annabgo focuses more on sharing her career and hobbies with her followers.

She loves to connect with her fans through her work and interests. So, for now, we can enjoy watching her amazing performances and following her exciting life on social media.

Future Projects and Aspirations

Annabgo has big dreams for her future. She wants to do more than just what she’s done so far. One of her biggest goals is to act in more movies, not just AV ones, but also big films that show in theaters worldwide. She loves acting and wants to share her talent with even more people.

Annabgo also hopes to use her fame to help others. She dreams of starting a charity that helps children learn and grow. She believes every kid deserves a chance to chase their dreams, just like she did. Plus, Annabgo wants to travel and meet her fans from different places.

She feels happy when she can bring joy to others. In her heart, she knows the future is bright and full of possibilities. She’s excited to see where her dreams and hard work will take her next.

Social Media Presence

Annabgo is very famous on social media lots of people who follow her online. She shares pictures, videos, and stories about her life on social media. She likes to post about her travels, the food she enjoys, and fun moments from her day. People love to see what she is doing because she always has something interesting to share.

Annabgo uses different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On these sites, she talks to her fans and shares cool stuff. Her fans love her because she often talks back to them. This makes them feel special and close to her.

Annabgo’s social media is a big reason so many people know and like her. She works hard to keep her fans happy by posting often.

Who is Annabgo? Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth Revealed!

Annabgo Ethnicity

Annabgo comes from Colombia, a country full of beautiful landscapes and rich cultures. This makes her Colombian. Colombia is in South America, where many different kinds of people live. Being Colombian means, Annabgo grew up with a mix of traditions and stories from her homeland. It’s known for its music, dance, and colorful festivals.

Annabgo’s background is important because it’s part of who she is. It influences her work and how she connects with people. Colombia’s diverse culture helps Annabgo bring something special to her roles and the videos she shares. Her ethnicity is a big part of her unique charm and personality.

Award And Achievement

Annabgo has received several awards for her amazing work. These awards are like gold stars, showing how great she is at acting and creating videos. She won a big prize for being the best new actress in the AV world. This is a very special award because it means she was the best new star of the year.

Annabgo also got awards for having the most views on her videos. Lots of people watched her acting and loved it. Winning these awards made her very happy and proud. It shows that all her hard work and love for acting have paid off.

Annabgo thanks her fans for their support because winning these awards would not be possible without them. Her shelf where she keeps her awards is full because she keeps winning more! These awards are very important to her. They remind her to keep doing her best every day.


Like many famous people, Annabgo has had her share of controversies. Sometimes, people do not agree with what she does or says. This can make some folks upset or angry. For example, there have been times when Annabgo posted something online, and not everyone liked it.

Some people said mean things to her or about her. It’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes. Annabgo tries to learn from these situations. She also tries to say sorry if she hurts someone’s feelings. It’s part of being in the public eye.

People watch what you do very closely. Annabgo knows this and works hard to be kind and careful with what she shares with the world.


Annabgo has several hobbies that she loves to do in her free time. These activities show a different side of her personality and help her relax and have fun. Here are some of her favorite hobbies:

Dancing: Annabgo loves to dance. It’s a way for her to express herself and stay fit at the same time. She enjoys many types of dancing, from traditional Colombian styles to modern hip-hop. 

Cooking: She finds joy in cooking delicious meals. Annabgo likes trying out new recipes and adding her twist to them. Cooking is a hobby that allows her to share her love with friends and family through food.

Reading: Annabgo enjoys reading books, especially novels. She finds that reading takes her on adventures without leaving home. It’s a great way for her to relax and learn new things.

Traveling: Exploring new places is something Annabgo loves. She likes to see different cultures, meet new people, and try unique foods worldwide. 

Photography: Capturing moments with her camera is another hobby. Annabgo enjoys taking photos of beautiful landscapes, interesting people, and everyday life. 

Playing video games: She likes to play video games in her free time. It’s a fun way for her to unwind and challenge herself with different game levels. These hobbies give Annabgo joy and help her balance her busy life.


How old is Annabgo?

She was born on March 23, 1996, which makes her 27 years old.

Where is Annabgo from?

She comes from Medellin, Colombia.

How tall is Annabgo?

Annabgo is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is about 1.75 meters.

Did Annabgo go to college?

Yes, she finished high school and then went on to college in Medellin.

What does Annabgo do?

She is an AV actress who shares her life and interests on social media.

How much money does Annabgo make?

Her earnings are between $380,000 and $630,000 USD.

Does Annabgo have a boyfriend?

This information has yet to be shared.

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In this blog, we learned a lot about Annabgo, a famous star from Colombia. We learned about her early life, how she became famous, and some fun facts like her height. We also learned about her school days, how much money she makes, and what she dreams about for the future.

Annabgo is not just a star; she acts in movies, and many people follow her online. She’s special because she works hard, cares about her fans, and wants to help others. Her story shows us that if you’re going to do something and work hard for it, you can reach your dreams.

Annabgo journey is inspiring. It teaches us to keep going, try our best, and care for others. Her story is more than just about being famous; it’s about following your heart and making a difference in the world.

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